Book Review : #IAm16ICanRape By Kirtida Gautam


Rating: 4/5

The book talks about the amendments in juvenile laws in India against heinous crimes such as rape and sexual assaults of other kind.
Well, this was my first psychological thriller read so I experienced complications at a certain extent but the threshold wasn’t that much high,so even if you’re out of the genre you won’t be experiencing any difficulties in reading it.
Talking about the characters, Aarush Kashyap is the most strongest character in the novel,no matter whom you consider the protagonist, you can’t deny that you’re in love with him; at least for first few chapters.
Rudransh Kashyap, Subhangi, Ananya Mehta are the pillars on which this plot and content stands.
As far as the content and research is considered I would like to praise Kirtida Gautam for the tremendous amount of research she had done on the mental,physical,psychological aspects of rape and issues regarding this. After reading the novel one can easily get the idea of how much hard and smart work she has put in her first work.
There is no chance left for any loopholes but I personally wanted to know the fate of the “I am 16,Can I Rape?” campaign in the novel and what happened with Aarush when he met Ananya after he was set free? Looking for the answers.
Nevertheless, I enjoyed the read.
And I’d express my gratitude towards Aniruddha Pathak who let me know about its free availability on Amazon Kindle on that specific day.
Thank You.


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